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About the Northern Lights

Northern lights are the source of attraction for tourist lovers. It is best viewed from Reykjavik City (lies in Iceland).The bright, glorious lights of the aurora that is the result of a collision between charged particles from the sun enter into the earth’s atmosphere. These amazing lights can be beautifully seen from a specific location i.e the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemisphere.

Although the overall display comprises various colors pale green and pink are the most common among all. Also, some of the shade of other colors can be seen among which are red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Above the surface of the sun, the temperature is millions of degrees Celsius. In this scenario, the free electrons are thrown from the sun’s atmosphere and these electrons escape through holes in the magnetic field. These heavily charged particles are deflected by the magnetic field of the earth. Due to such heavy collision, we are above to see these northern lights. Areas that have very rare pollution are considered to be the best to watch these lights.

These lights of the Aurora extend from 80 km to 640 km above the surface of the earth. You will be amazed to see these lights. These lights are called “Aurora Borealis” in the north while “Aurora Australis” in the south.

From Iceland, Alaska and Northern Canada, we can easily see these Northern Lights. Apart from these areas, It can also be viewed from Norway, Sweden, and Finland. If you want to enjoy your holidays or make fun of your life, visit these places once.

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