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The Roman Colosseum is one of the best visiting places for tourists across the world. The construction of this beautiful Architecture began around AD 7 under Emperor Vespasian. The design attracts the attention of visitors. It was built in a valley, where a small lake was dried once. The emperor had inaugurated this Colosseum in year 80 but after 2 years the whole work was finished including the last floor.

The Colosseum has an elliptical structure having 188 meters length, 156 meters width, and 57 meters height. The structure has been made with bricks having the capacity of more than 50,000 people. It had approximately eighty entrances from which the crowd come and remain over there. The base of the building covers around 6 acres of area. Entire architecture has been built using bricks and concrete with a total manpower of around ten thousand. Special focus was laid for the spectators also. To protect them from extreme sun and heat of Ancient Rome, there was a velarium, an awning which was pulled above the seating area.

Below the Colosseum, there were numerous rooms and underground passages. In such areas, the animals and gladiators were kept. For special effects, there were also 36 trap doors in the arena. Over time almost two-thirds of the Colosseum has been destroyed due to vandalism, earthquakes, fires, etc. But this is today also one of the most attractive tourist sites. If you are willing to visit Rome, visit this attractive destination once. Feel the essence of Rome Colosseum once.

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