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Sagrada Familia,Barcelona
Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia

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About the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is a beautiful place to see and enjoy the pretty vision. When we think of Barcelona, we all usually think of the beaches, food and the Sagrada Familia of course. Sagrada Familia is one of the best attractions in Barcelona and it captivates over millions of visitors every year. It is a must to visit the site if you are in Barcelona. Gaudi’s monumental creation must be the glorifying spot in the city. The Church was built by one of the most famous architects of the world that is why Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations ever visited.

If visitors have planned to visit this beautiful place, they should do the pre-booking of tickets online. If you plan to visit Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia should be on the top of all. Although the official date of the work on the Basicila was started on 19 March 1982 construction truly began over a year later on 25 August 1983. The Sagrada Familia is an expiatory temple, a place made to commemorate the reparation of sins made against God or the laws of the Church.

If you want to visit this destination, try to go in the early morning or late evening. You will face fewer crowds in this period. The construction of Barcelona’s iconic church is thus expected to be completed in 2026. It will be a century after the death of its architect.

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