5 Best Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours Of Europe

5 Best Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours Of Europe

Feb 20th, 2019
5 Best Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours Of Europe
A Hop On Hop Off city sightseeing tour is always the best way to explore a place. It gives more freedom to explore the city at your own pace and your own will. Traveling becomes fun when you meet like minded people on tour. Moreover, the guides are professional at their job, so listening to them, is like imagining the whole thing happening then and there.
It is not even mandatory to listen to the guides, and you can just plug in the earphone and be ready with a camera to capture the best snaps of the city. The best regions to make use of the Hop On Hop Off bus services are the European cities. These cities speak volumes of culture and history, with ethnic revolutions from prehistoric times. These are ideal destinations to find the most about Human evolution through the Medieval, Georgian and Modern ages. So, here is a cumulative list of the 5 Best Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours in Europe.
The Italian Capital boasts 3000 years of art, culture, and heritage. The city was once the most dominating in the world and is now a cosmopolitan shadow of The Roman Empire's past. Rome is best explored in the open bus Hop On Hop Off tours. The city sightseeing becomes easier with double decker buses and the audio commentary. Hop On and Hop off to destinations like the Colosseum and the Vatican City. Also, explore the largest Basilica of Christianity, St. Peter’s and to get to know more about the Roman Empire at the Roman Forum, an Excavation site from those ages.
The capital and the largest city of England and the United Kingdom, London was a global powerhouse and trace its history back to the Roman Ages. A bus tour is a good option to explore London at its best and enjoy the architecture from the Roman times. Hop On Hop Off at popular destinations of the city like the iconic Big Ben, the British Royal Buckingham Palace, the ever popular London Eye beside the Thames and the Medieval castle, Tower of London.
Enjoy the Catalonian gem with an open roof bus tour in the city. The bus tour takes you to the gothic streets and medieval architecture of the cultural hub of Spain. Hop On Hop Off gives you the choice of creating your own itinerary and thus offering you the freedom of roaming the city at your own will. Visit attractions such as the La Sagrada Familia, the medieval gothic quarters and Park Guell.
Counted as one of the happening places in the world, Amsterdam is best explored in a city sightseeing bus tour. Hop On Hop Off at the beautiful canals, appreciate art at the numerous museums like the Van Gogh Museum and visit the house Anne Frank hid during the Second World War.
The 13th century German Capital has ample views to offer around the city. Thus Berlin can be thoroughly enjoyed in a Hop On Hop Off bus tour. Witness the Brandenburg Gate, the city divide during the Cold War. Pay homage to the Murdered Jews at the Holocaust Memorial and the iconic Reichstag Building, the home of parliament.
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