A guide for London Trip

A guide for London Trip

Apr 30th, 2019
A guide for London Trip
Are you planning to discover the city London and get mesmerized by the wonderful beauty of the city? Well, London is a dream city of many and is the capital of England with a beautiful history behind rolling back to Roman times. The city has got the mesmerizing Houses of Parliament and the exemplary "Big Ben" clock tower and Westminster Abbey, which is a site of British monarch coronations. One should hop on the London tour in his/her life and collect a whole lot of experiences and memories from the place.
Things Not to Miss Out When In London
  • Take a view of whole London from the Shard and Thames Sightseeing Cruise for incredible sights and the landmarks of the place.
  • Visit the famous restaurants like the Five Course Tasting Menu with a Glass of Champagne at Gordon Ramsay's Petrus for two.
  • Do enjoy the exciting workshops like the City of London Urban Sketching Safari, own the tickets for theatre shows like "Once" and Dinner for Two and more.
  • If you hop off in the London street during the chilly Christmas time, then don't miss to take a glance of the fantastic Christmas lights exhibited on Oxford Street and Regent Street.
  • Visit the large department stores such as Harrods, John Lewis, and Selfridges that are dressed to the nines and compete with each other with their festive window display.
Key Places You Should Be Visiting
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Queen's Palace
  • British Museum
  • Camden Market
  • Hyde Park
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
Clothing Style
If you bring out time to explore London during winters, then your luggage must be such to provide you comfort and easiness to explore the city. Pack your bags with jeans or pants, warm sweaters, shirt, fleece, warm winter coat, warm scarf, gloves, and a warm hat. And if you are planning to take tour of Open Bus Tour London in summer pack a pair of pants, capris, a light dress with a shoulder wrap to wear. Make sure to put your attires that are comfortable and cozy enough. In the end, you will enjoy the trip when you are in soothing attire. So don't compromise with your comfort!
Now when you have planned to hop on in the London street, you must keep in mind the weather of London before packing your foot wears. Don't go with extra luggage that can ruin your trip. When you are landing in the place during spring and autumn take your ankle boots, you will need them. For warm weather carry ballet flats, you can also put them on for simply dressing up. Accompany your bags with waterproof boots; otherwise, you are going to mess yourself in rain and snow. In the end, you will be there to enjoy your visit so pack cute, comfortable summer sandals and cozy sightseeing shoes that will hail you pleasure.
Miscellaneous & Other Basics
  • Make sure to carry your Photo ID, passport and an extra copy of the passport.
  • Carry your documents such as travel insurance, visa documents, etc. You will need them anytime so be prepared with that.
  • Just in case any emergencies fall on you relating to your health, you will be your doctor so don't forget to carry medications.
  • Something without which your hop on the trip is incomplete is your chargers, converters, camera, tablet, phone, memory cards, external hard drives, power strip, or electric gadget which will be your friend during your whole journey. Keep them for sure.
  • Try to complete your packing in a waterproof bag, in case you stuck in rain atleast your luggage will be safe from it.
  • You may also need sunscreen lotion, lip balm, scarf, pashmina, essential oils, unscented lotions, gum mints, deodorant, hair products, toothpaste, razor and grooming kit. Keep them surely for a happy hop on London trip.
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