Five Best Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Five Best Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Nov 11th, 2020
Five Best Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours
Traveling now days is a concept of more exploration in less time. Rush is the keyword here. This busy, workaholic life doesn't allow an individual to spend more time for recreation. So, after sheer hard work and earning the traveling time, folks still think about getting back early. Thus to see everything in a limited time, Hop On Hop Off bus tours around the cities is an ideal option. This kind of traveling also helps in situations like cruise vacationing to a destination. One might stop at the beautiful Mediterranean ports, and with the bus tours, exploring the city is the best way you can utilize that time. Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours give you the freedom of roaming the place at your own pace and spending the willing time in a particular site.
This is also helpful for businesspeople or executives attending business meets in a beautiful city. Taking out a little time after the meeting, an individual can opt for the city sightseeing in these double-decker open rooftop buses. Thus, a Hop On Hop Off bus tour is a good way to experience the heritage and culture of any city. Here are the 5 Best Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tours Popular to Visit Historical Spots & Museums-
The cultural hub and a Catalonian gem, Barcelona displays a strong heritage of Spanish culture mixed with that of other ethnic groups. The Art and architecture of the city are what makes it much popular. Explore the modern landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudi all over the city like the Sagrada Familia Church, Park Guel and Casa Mila in the Hop On Hop Off tour. Take as much time you want to spend at each site. Visit some of the best museums in Barcelona such as the Picasso, Poble Espanyol, MEAM and Maritime Museums and acquaint yourself with the history and art of the city.
Rome was once a mighty force in the world and house to the strong Roman Empire. Thus, the city holds a high historical and cultural value. Now a Cosmopolitan hub, the capital of Italy offers numerous sites to Hop On Hop Off in a city sightseeing bus tour. Explore Roman heritage at the iconic ruins of the Colosseum and enjoy the view at the Trevi Fountain. Get to know more about the Roman Empire at the Roman Forum, the Excavation site. Visit some of the museums in the city like Galleria Borghese, National Museum of Rome and National Etruscan Museum to witness the timeless art and sculpture from the city.
The place for global fashion and the capital of France is also a major hub of art, gastronomy, and culture. The wide boulevards along the River Seine are best walked. The rest of the city which is bustling with crowd and cars is well explored in city sightseeing buses with a Hop On Hop Off option available. Visit the 19 th century iconic Eiffel Tower and other landmarks in the city. Also, enjoy the Louvre Museum, 12 th -century medieval Notre-Dame Cathedral.
The city is best known for its designer shops and boutiques as fashion is a synonymous word to Paris. View the collection of these boutiques at the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré from the open roof Double-Decker Buses.
New York
The largest and the busiest city in USA, New York is a land of opportunity for many. The city never sleeps is true, and it also houses some of the most bustling and engaging streets in  the world. In spite of that, the city is popular for some of the famous destination people visit globally. With such a large place to cover a Hop On Hop Off bus tour is the ideal option for getting a bite of "The Big Apple". Visit the ever charming Central Park, the iconic Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. When you are on a bus tour how can you miss the big display billboards of Broadway in the theater district!
The largest city of Pennsylvania this charming place played a crucial role in American independence. Thus, the city has a lot of memoirs and tales of that time. The art and culture of this city revolve around the struggles and wars of the pre-independence era. Taking a Hop On Hop Off bus tour one can visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other sit which remind of the Revolution. Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rodin Museum and the Museum of the American Revolution to know more about the heritage of the city.
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