Top 7 Destinations To Visit In 2019

Top 7 Destinations To Visit In 2019

Feb 20th, 2019
Top 7 Destinations To Visit In 2019
Well, it is said that the best traveling is always unplanned! But 2019 is already here, and even the list is not ready. So here are seven destinations which you can visit this year without much hassle and planning!
Romania is the beautiful Southeastern country of Europe, clouded with the thick forest, medieval castles, and green mountains. The land where the bears and wolves still roam freely and the people are still in the middle age phase. The natural beauty is due to the Balkan Peninsula and the shores of the Black Sea. The historical towns and the castles, the dense misty forest with the mysterious vibes and the very cheap food will definitely take you to Romania for good. Homestays and AirBnb's are incredibly cheap, and what is cheaper, are the drinks. Visit Transylvania, the historical region and don't miss out Dracula's Castle. Sightseeing is cheap and easy here. Book the touring bus and hop on hop off anywhere you want to explore.
Zadar, Croatia
Zadar is the oldest city of Croatia and one of the prettiest on the Dalmatian Coast. The city has seen continuous habitation of humans. Zadar has a good blend of Gothic Churches, Roman ruins and the Cosmopolitan environment. Grab a hop on hop off bus tour for the sightseeing and don't miss out the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation in the city.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina is another beautiful country in Southeastern Europe in the Balkan Peninsula. The land was once in savage war during the Croat-Bosnian war and suffered a lot. While the ruins will bring out the memories of the war, but the country has evolved itself from those times. The gothic countryside with lakes, mountains, and rivers will give the aura of medieval Europe. Staying is incredibly cheap in the most visited cities of Mostar and Sarajevo, which is also the capital. The food and drinks are also cheap here. Make the most of Sarajevo and other important cities of the country with Hop on Hop off bus tours and explore the place at your will!
Guatemala is a beautiful Central American country and falls to the south of Mexico. The country is a repository of volcanoes, rainforests, and the ancient Mayan civilization sites. Due to its imperial past, the whole country, especially Guatemala City the capital reflects Spanish culture and architecture. The people of Guatemala are beautiful and always give a happy vibe with their colorful clothing.
Activities and accommodation are super pocket friendly in this country, and a backpacker can have the lifetime experience traversing the archaeological sites of the old civilization. Public transportation is also very affordable here, and a better way to explore the place is with Hop on Hop off bus tours.
Seattle, USA
Seattle is one of the coolest and happening cities on the western coast of America. Present in the State of Washington the city headquarters two of the world's biggest technical players Microsoft and Amazon. Taking a tour of the city is fun with Hop on Hop off buses. Explore different landmarks like the iconic Space Needle, or visit the historic Pioneer Square District. Fallen Fighters Memorial and the Waterfall Garden Park are not to miss!
Colombia is a more developed country than the other Andean nations but still with the picturesque green valleys and colonial towns it is a sought after destination. Old ruins, serene beaches, thick forests, mountains, and Coffee plantations are its forte. The place is still affordable and has the value for money to visit. Catch a Hop On Hop Off bus tour and visit the most traveled cities of the country like Cartagena, Medellin, and Bogota. Transportation and entry to museums are very cheap here.
Novi Sad, Serbia
Novi Sad is the city in Northern Serbia and is present on the banks of the Danube River. The town is completely laid back and happening at the same time. The large city squares always have some festival going on and it has the majestic Petrovaradin Fortress. Enjoy the city at its best in the Hop on Hop Off bus tours and explore it accordingly.
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