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Hop On Hop Off Kiev Bus Tours

Kiev is an integral part of the East Slavic culture and has been functioning long before Russia and Ukraine existed. The most populated city, the capital of Ukraine, Kiev displays an array of the timeline of historical events and culture. The city played an integral part in many revolutions. The East Slavic culture which mainly comprises the Russians, Ukrainians, and Belorussians, originated in Kiev and spread to places as far as Alaska. The city is present in Central Ukraine with the Dnieper River dividing it. The city plays a vital role as the center of industry, education, science and culture in Eastern Europe. In Medieval times Kiev was an important commercial hub. The city was an important part of the trade route between the Scandinavian regions and the Byzantine Empire. In the mid 9th century the place came under the Vikings rule, and it was then it became the very first East Slavic center. Kiev was demolished in 1240 by the Mongol invasions and lost its influence to Lithuania, Poland, and Russia. From the Industrial Revolution in Russia to the fall of USSR the city saw the development and started prospering. Other than rolling with revolutions, the city has a great heritage of art and culture, medieval cafes with great food and twenty four seven partying bars. Visit the Pechersk Lavra, a beautiful monastery and cave system and the 11th century St. Sophia's Cathedral.

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