Hop On Hop Off in Rotterdam

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Hop On Hop Off Rotterdam Bus Tours

Rotterdam, the city in southern Netherlands is the same as Amsterdam in almost every aspect, just less popular. Rotterdam wears many faces as an important serving port, a cosmopolitan center with ample shopping options, donning innovation in architectural style with the skyline changing frequently and authenticate tasty cuisine to discuss a few.

The city emerged after people started settling around the newly built dam in the Rotte in the 13th century. Most of the attraction in the city is related to water due to its strong connection with it. Spending the night in a cruise ship on the Meuse river or having a view of the river from the glamorous city center is one of the best things to do in the city. One can also go into a shopping spree in the city with a plethora of options available. Involve with the art and culture of the city in the numerous museums across the city. Get to know about the seafaring history of the city in the Maritime Museum. Also, visit the important Pilgrim Fathers Church.

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