More About Santander

Santander is the capital city of the autonomous region of Cantabria, present in the North Coast of Spain. This city headquarters the Banco Santander Multinational Bank. The 1941 fire destroyed a sufficient amount of the old town. Thus the reconstruction involved removing the ruins of the medieval quarters. The landscape of the city changed from the old wooden balcony and small stone houses to big concrete buildings. Santander gained the flare of modernity and the urban environment losing an essential amount of culture in that fire and reconstruction. The city history has nothing significant as such. King Sancho II documented the first draft in 1068. The 12th and 13th centuries saw the population contained in the walls of the two pueblos, La Puebla and Puebla Nueva. Santander was and always been an efficient harbor in the Bay of Santander. The city was an important port for Castile in the medieval ages and emerged as a trade center in the New Age. Now the town displays spectacular views of the urban beaches, buzzing shopping complexes, a plethora of restaurants and great cuisines. The Sardinero beach is an ideal summer holiday resort with good surfing conditions.