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Australia is the perfect tourist destination with its amazing landscapes, beaches and wildlife. You can find a range of excellent places that are worth exploring. The country has an abundance of natural beauty, from sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains.

Many people believe that the best places to explore in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney offers breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Melbourne is known for its many Victorian-era buildings, museums, galleries, parks, gardens and even vibrant laneways.

The most popular way of exploring the country is by using the hop on-hop off bus service that allows you to explore all of the major tourist attractions in Australia. This includes Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, Uluru (Ayers Rock), and much more. You can use the bus to plan your route or just follow their pre-determined tours. It is the most effective way to explore the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide!

Why Travel to Australia?
Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world with rich history and culture.One of the reasons why Australia is such a popular tourist destination is its summer season. Aussie summer means that there are more daylight hours, balmy heat and plenty of outdoor activities to get involved in.

An Australian holiday is also a perfect opportunity to explore this vast country as well as enjoy some time off from work and daily routine. Travelling around Australia can be done by car or bus, though if you have a lot of traveling time on your hands then it might be worth considering renting your own campervan for those off-the-beaten-track moments.

Best Cities to Travel In Australia:
Some of the most important places to visit in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. It's a must-see if you want to see the Australian landscape and culture at its best.

Canberra: Australia is famous for its beautiful coasts, rainforest and rugged outback. The country is also well known for the modern buildings in the cities. The capital city of Canberra has been designed with a careful eye to ensure that it doesn't dominate the surrounding natural landscape.

Sydney: Many people think that Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and it should be high on your list of places to visit if you are heading to Australia. It's home to some of the most iconic landmarks such as Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower Eye which provide great views over this glorious city.

Melbourne: Melbourne is a city that offers a lot to explore. To get the most out of your stay, it is important to know where to go and what to see.

The main attractions in Melbourne are the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Crown Casino. These are not just any gardens or casino, but they are at one of the four most famous gardens in all of Australia and one of the largest casinos in the world respectively.

Perth: Perth is a beautiful city, with a warm climate and a lot to explore. Kings Park is a Large park in the centre of the city, with lots of interesting things to see, it's also home to Western Australia's largest rock-pools and a botanical garden Rottnest Island is a unique island located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Perth that is perfect for beach lovers. It's only accessible by boat.

Other places you shouldn’t be missing include Fremantle which is a fun little port town with lots of great bars and restaurants and Swan Valley which is a wine region just outside of Perth that makes for some excellent day trips

Hop On Hop Off Bus In Australia
One of the major problems with travel, especially if you are a tourist, is how to make sure you see as much as possible while still being able to do your normal errands at the same time.The solution is coming in the form of Hop On Hop Off Bus In Australia tours which give tourists a chance to see all that they want without feeling like they are being shuttled around.

These buses offer tourists a way to explore some of the best attractions Australia has to offer without feeling overscheduled or underwhelmed. Big Bus, Mt Wellington Explorer Bus, Red Decker, Perth Explorer, Popeye, Captain Cook Cruises, and Hopo Gold Coast Ferry are among the well-known service providers. Their services are available each of the popular cities mentioned above.

Useful Tips When Travelling to Australia
The first thing you'll want to do is read up on the visa requirements. If you have a passport from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand then you can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority and don’t need a paper visa while travelling. If your country doesn't match any of those countries then you'll need a paper visa and will require both an Australian Tourist Visa and an Electronic Travel Authority.

You'll also want to book your accommodation well in advance – the earlier the better! There are quite a few things that play into what’s most convenient for your trip such as budget, location (i.e urban vs rural), and if you're looking for family friendly accommodations.

Best Time to Travel to Australia
With the most popular times to travel being between October and April, there is no one best time to visit Australia.

The climate in Australia is very diverse depending on where you are traveling. The average temperature ranges from 30-40 degrees Celsius during the summer to about 5 degrees during winter. It’s a good idea to plan your trip accordingly and make sure that you pack for all types of weather!

If you plan on visiting Australia this winter, it will not be cold enough for snow or too hot for a swim in the beach!


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