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Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours is a venture of SIGHTSEEINGO LTD. Following booking conditions are the only terms and conditions of booking contract between our users and the relevant suppliers or service providers of any accommodation or any means of transport provided.


The following shows a list of our company policies that are related to the terms of use of Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours website, policies related to product reviews and the privacy policy.

i. Website Terms of Use

ii. Product Reviews Policy

iii. Privacy Policy


The conditions as given in booking agreement are applicable to all bookings made by using Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours website or its partners, including:


i. Direct access to Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours website www.hop-on-hop-off-bus-tours.com

ii. Indirect access to Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours website through our affiliate partners or customer agents

iii. Through customer care call centre


These terms apply to everyone who uses the website or its services.


In all cases of bookings and reservations made between you the service providers associated with us, our role is that of an agent. The said service provider i.e. the supplier is our principal. The information regarding the relevant supplier will be available on the vouchers generated by our company whenever you enter into a transaction with such service provider or supplier.


The user is bound by the terms and conditions imposed by our suppliers with whom the user chooses to deal for any bookings or reservations. We are responsible only for providing information regarding fare rules for all hotel, railway or air bookings before you choose the supplier. After choosing the supplier, you will be responsible for making such particular choice. In case of conflict between conditions prescribed by our website and the relevant supplier's website, his website's conditions will prevail since we act as their agent only.


We are only the agents in the whole booking process as stated earlier also. We and our relevant suppliers reserve the right to change or correct the prices of the products mentioned on our website at any time before or after your bookings related to purchase of our product.


If there are any subsequent changes made in your bookings, then, we will inform you about the change. In case you do not like the change and do not wish to accept the change, our relevant service providers may offer you an alternative arrangement or a change in price. If you do not like the alternative offer, your booking arrangement with us, that was done prior to the change, will be cancelled subject to cancellation policies of our company. We will not accept any liability due to the changes made.


We or our suppliers will not be liable to pay any compensation to user for any damages that arise due to circumstances beyond the control of the owner of this website or the relevant supplier. Such circumstances include the situations that cannot be foreseen or avoided even after using prudence. The situations are not limited to only war, bad weather, civil unrest, natural calamities. It includes everything beyond the control of the owner or its suppliers and service providers.


In case you are not satisfied by any service provided by our company or the suppliers, you must intimate us and the relevant service provider immediately so that we can take the necessary action on time and provide you with the remedy. If you fail to report us the same, you will not be entitled to claim any subsequent damages for any damage incurred by you.


We accept the following credit cards for payment:

i. Master Card

ii. Visa Card

iii. Maestro Card

iv. Amex Card

We do not charge any service fee for processing the payments made by using the above credit cards. Please note that in order to make a reservation, you must make the full payment by credit card.

Prices stated on the website are per person unless otherwise mentioned. Prices are subject to change without any prior notice. The prices are based on local tariffs converted by using prevailing foreign exchange rate.

You are advised to carry sufficient local currency to pay the personal expenses during the trip as we do not include any expenses of personal nature. E.g. food, parking charges, airport taxes, security deposits, beverages, passport/visa fees and the alike. These charges are over and above the price stated for our products. You will have to pay such charges to the relevant service providers for consuming the service. Please read terms and conditions of relevant service providers before making a reservation. We will not be responsible for any financial liability in case of such additional charges charged by relevant service providers.


In case, you want to make a special request for any service that is not listed on our or our suppliers' website, then, you can place a special request with us. We will try to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee the same.


Please note that in order to make changes in a booked order, you will need to cancel the booked order by paying cancellation charges and after that, you can place a new order including such changes. New bookings will be as per the prices prevailing on the day when such new order is placed. We reserve the right to change, cancel or substitute any service. We can also decline to accept or retain any of the tour members at any time for any reason including the insufficient number of participants. It is your responsibility to check that your travel arrangement or dates do not coincide with any other arrangements booked by you on our site. We will not be responsible or liable for your wrong booking mistakes.


If you cancel any of your bookings due to any reason, then, we will credit your credit card with the appropriate amount as per the cancellation policy applicable. You must confirm the cancellation charges before cancelling your bookings. If your bookings are being processed and the confirmation is awaited, then, we will not take any cancellation request. This processing period lasts for 2 working days in general.


All bookings done with our company are fully protected under relevant laws for the amount paid to us. This includes the refunds arising on cancellation of our services in the event of insolvency of our company. Users are advised to retain all the bills, receipts or any other documents related to travel arrangements so as to claim their amount in the said event of insolvency.


We are only the agents of our suppliers and we are not responsible or liable for any damage arising to the user or his family in the event of personal injury, death, loss or any consequential damage whatsoever. Similarly we do not accept any liability or loss arising due to government act, war, terrorism, bad weather, casualty or any circumstance beyond our control or the control of our suppliers.


You and your tour members must have a suitable travel insurance to cover your journey as we or our suppliers will not be responsible if you are not adequately insured. We strongly recommend you to purchase a comprehensive travel policy at or before booking.


Our company will provide you the soft copies of vouchers for every booking done by you on our website. It is, then, your responsibility to print all the vouchers related to the travel bookings made. You will be responsible to pass such print-outs to the relevant service provider. At the time of presenting such pre-paid vouchers for redemption in the form of services, the lead passenger must show his identity proof containing his/her recent photograph and other necessary details. The service provider is authorised to confiscate your voucher if the identity or signature or credit card, do not match with the details of the lead traveller.


You are responsible for you and your tour members acts during the journey. If your actions are believed to cause any damage to any person, guests or staff members, then, we will cancel your booked arrangements immediately. In such a case, you will not be awarded any refund, claim or compensation or damages suffered by you as a result of cancellation or your actions.


You are also responsible for personal safety and the safety of your tour members. You agree to indemnify our company, directors, employees, and agents, suppliers for any liability placed on us due to your breach of this agreement or violation of any law or the rights of any third party. It must be noted here that your liability is not limited to demands, recoveries, losses, fines and penalties.


It is your responsibility to review hotel facilities and to make the decision for your reservations. We will not be responsible if any of the Hotel facilities are not made available to you by such Hotel. You are strongly recommended to check Hotel reviews, meals, rooms, car parking space and charges, swimming pool and other amenities before making the decision.


You are responsible for providing the precise pick-up location and arrival time at least 72 hours before the travel date to the phone numbers and email addresses mentioned in your booking vouchers. These particulars include airport, flight number, hotel address etc. Failure to do so will not make us or our suppliers liable for any refund.


When you sign up on our website or make a booking arrangement, you agree to receive all the marketing communication from us and this includes all the brands. You may wish to unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribed option mentioned in the e-mails.

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