City Sightseeing: Shuttle Bus Naples-Pompeii

City Sightseeing: Shuttle Bus Naples-Pompeii

Naples, Italy
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  • Relaxed shuttle service to explore Naples conveniently
  • Select between two different departure times
  • Audio-guided tour in five languages
  • Know the ancient city with interesting history and civilization


Want to visit Pompeii but confused about what to see there? No more worries as the new shuttle bus service make it easy to explore Pompeii. This city is popular because of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and no prior warning about the eruption caused too much damage. It has now become a popular archeological site across the globe. The shuttle bus tour allows you to know more about Pompeii as this is an audio-guided tour and you get explanations about everything present there.
Know about the history and culture of this ancient city which is no livelier. Reaching this city from Naples is no more difficult because this shuttle bus service has eased all the traveling issues. The service is available twice a day and you can find recorded audio commentary in five different languages English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.
You can reach the popular excavations of Pompeii within one hour of travel. Once the exploration completes you will be taken back to Naples comfortably. 


Pompeii was severely damaged by an earthquake and still, its rebuilding is going on. During the initial eruption majority of people began leaving the city and when the final havoc took place only two thousand people were trapped in Pompeii. Since then, it is abandoned and excavations started in the 18th century. The city walls have been recovered in excavation. Initially, everything that was found in the excavation was taken to the museum in Naples but later on, archaeologists left artifacts in place which make it an interesting excavated place.
The Remains of a Beautiful Ancient City: The excavation is still going on and the new findings make it worth visiting Pompeii. The most recent discovery is a room in Civita Giuliana where slaves used to live. This room comprises plank-based wooden beds. You will be surprised to know about ancient life. The public places, homes, and shops dictate more about the place. You may feel sad when thinking about the eruption and how the people during that time were busy doing their routine work. They had never thought that their acts would become history.
Enjoy a trip to Pompeii and know the mysteries and history of this city. Depart in a comfy shuttle bus from Naples and within one hour you reach Pompeii. The ruins have too much to know and you get information from commentary available in five languages.
Easiest Way to Reach Pompeii: With the new shuttle bus service, you can reach Pompeii from Naples. The journey has become easy and you can choose departure time at your convenience as the bus departs two times a day. The audio guide helps you know in-depth about the city and quenches the thirst for information about the history of this old town which was once known to have a living civilization. Once you finish exploring the city, the shuttle bus service takes you back to Naples comfortably.
The volcanic ash has preserved lots of artifacts and still, you can see how people used to live in this ancient Roman city. There are many things to discover in Pompeii such as:
The Amphitheater: This is one of the ancient amphitheaters in Rome that was built in 70BC and has space for 20,000 people. Romans had built this on the city’s edge.
The Forum of Pompeii: It was the activity and commerce center in Pompeii. Here you will find the popular temples of the city today such as the Temples of Apollo, Venus, and Jupiter. This forum is beautifully surrounded by Portico. Here you can find the Forum Baths.
Pompeii’s Forum Baths: Ancient Romans were hygiene conscious. They used to bathe every day. Riches used to have private baths while Forum baths were available for all. It is very well segregated into Women's and men's sections. During the earthquake, these baths were severely damaged. During renovations, beautiful decorations were done.
The Palaestra: Palaestra is the Latin word that means gym. This site was similar to the present-day gym that comprises training areas and a swimming pool. Here people used to exercise, play games, and wrestle.
Pompeii Brothel: Ancient Rome holds an important place in the world’s oldest profession. Pompeii also had a brothel where prostitutes were slaves. Happy customers had left behind the graffiti that has names of women who worked there.
Stabian Baths: These are the well-preserved and largest baths in the city. The female and male baths are separated by the stoves that were used to heat water.
Temple of Isis: This temple is dedicated to the Egyptian goddess famous in the Roman Empire. It was constructed in the second century BCE and heavily destroyed in AD62. The temple is rebuilt completely.
Nuovi Scavi: Via dell’Abbondanza farther end has the new excavations where furniture and wall paintings are there. Statues, mosaics, and furnishings are present here and inscriptions are painted on the walls.
Villa of the Mysteries: This villa is built in the second century BCE and it is known to be an excellent ancient wall painting with amazing original colors.
Temple of Apollo: Apollo is a God of Greeks and Romans. This temple is dated back from 6th century BC. Artifacts from temple are found here.


Departure: 09:20am and 11:05am
Return: 1:45pm and 3:45pm
Duration: 4:50 Hours
Departure Location: Parco Castello, 1, 80100 Napoli NA, Italia - City Sightseeing Stop
(Please be at the stop 15 minutes before departure)


  • Round trip ticket from Naples to Pompeii!
  • Audioguide in 5 languages on board bus!


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Departure Location: Parco Castello, 1, 80100 Napoli NA, Italia - City Sightseeing Stop. (Be at the stop 15 minutes before departure.)
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Victoria Leef

Enjoyed it, and the ride there, a good driver

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