Hop On Hop Off Alesund Bus Tours

Alesund is a beautiful coastal town on the west shore of Norway embracing the picturesque view of the surrounding archipelago. The town is known for its art nouveau architecture, which is majorly a part of the reconstruction process after the fire in 1904. Beautifully decorated with spires and naturally blessed with the popular Norwegian fjords and mountains. The town is also near to the spectacular Geiranger Fjord and Trollstigen. Thus making the place an ideal base for exploring. Sunnmore in Alesund is a beautiful region to explore with numerous fjords, Viking style fishing villages, and marvelous islands. The beautiful architecture of the town paints color all over it, and it drops a background of the Nordic fairy tales. The best way to know more about the culture is by mixing up with the locals. The locals here are pleasant and fascinating proudly claiming their town to be the most beautiful in the world. The town loves to celebrate in any occasion or situation, so grabbing a beer and having some good local food won't be a problem. Bird watching and trekking in the Sunnmore Alps are more popular adventure activities in Alesund. Also, visit the Sunnmore Museum.