Hop On Hop Off Bath Bus Tours

Experience the authentic rustic feel of the countryside in Bath, England. This city was built for relaxation of the troops and the rulers since the Roman Age. From then till now the Roman Baths are well maintained, and new thermal baths have been added. The city houses the only natural hot water spring in all of Britain for relaxation and bathing. The city displays alluring Roman and Georgian style architecture. The center of the city is a buzzing arena of cafes and shopping complexes and also a remarkable collection of art galleries and museums. Embrace yourself with the year long cultural festivals, theater, sports and music in this center of Bath. Jane Austen's novels mention the iconic honey hue of the Roman and Georgian structures. The author was also a resident of this city. A short detour will take you to the historical landmark of Stonehenge. Before the medieval period, the place was a religious center with temples and Roman-bathing centers. With all the historical and cultural heritage Bath showcases, the city also has appealing pubs and restaurants. Enjoy freshly brewed drinks in some of the most creative environments and have some lip-smacking food to satisfy your belly. The Bath Abbey which is a Middle age building with a beautiful Gothic inside is a must visit.