Hop On Hop Off Benalmadena Bus Tours

Benalmadena is an ancient town in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain and serves as a great beach destination. Inhabited from the pre-historic times, the town displays cultures aging to the Bronze Age. The town due to its easy accessibility to the outside world has seen the rule of the Phoenicians, Romans and the Moors. It was during the Muslim rule that the town saw massive development. Benalmadena has a history of suffering Pirate attacks. Therefore one can see two 15th century Almenara towers on the coastline for guarding the population. Now, the region has become an important tourist destination. The town attracts trendy people from all over the world, like the family tourists, the party animals, happy gay lovers, and the nocturnal crowd. Benalmadena is a good place for the beach loving families and an ideal location for the spending summer holidays. The white Roman style buildings in the cobblestone streets all over the town look peaceful and serene. Do not forget to visit the Benalmadena Stupa, one of the largest Buddhist temples in Europe. Enjoy castle style architecture at the Colomares Monument.