Hop On Hop Off Bergen Bus Tours

Bergen is a city in the Hordaland County of Norway and lies in the West Coast of the country. It is the second largest city of Norway and embraces the beauty of the surrounding mountain and the popular Fjords. Although it is the second most important city in Norway, Bergen offers a quaint and laid back vibe to the visitors. The city features colorful wooden houses facing the dock area which were once important trading centers. Bergen is the gateway to the wildest fjords of Norway. About ten percent of the population here is of students, and therefore the city always displays a youthful and fresh mood. Partying and annual festivals are common events here. One can find people either bragging about the place or guiding you to their favorite restaurant. This lively city offers ample options for the Museums, art galleries, local coffee shops and dining out places. The city has got a nine hundred year old history, which dates back before the Viking age. Due to this, Bergen has a great love for seafood, especially fish. Therefore fish is the staple diet, and one can gorge into a variety of cuisines influenced from the Nordic Era.