Hop On Hop Off Cadiz Bus Tours

Cadiz is an ancient port city in the Andalusia region of Southwestern Spain. This city is the oldest inhabited place in Western Europe, with the Phoenicians settling here around 1100 BC. The four millennium old city is a strip of land with the Atlantic around it, and thus serves as the home port of the Spanish Navy. The town is famous for its sandy sea beaches and the tasty sea food. The old town is intact inside the city walls, whereas the waves crash the Sea walls outside. The Old city has the rustic touch with narrow alleys giving way to bigger roads. The newer areas of the city have wide avenues and new buildings. While traversing the beach visit the 18th century Cadiz Cathedral, a good example of the Baroque and neoclassical architecture. Walk in down the beach, smell the fresh fried sea fish from the stalls and have some of them. Also visit the stately mansions of Casa de las Cadenas and Casa del Almirante. Soak the sun at the La Caleta beach and have awesome views of castles. Visit the Castle of Santa Catalina which is a 15th century fort with the enormous view of the sea. Don't forget the Torre Tavira, the city towers from the 1700's.