Hop On Hop Off Cartagena Bus Tours

Cartagena is one of the major port city in the northern coast of Colombia. A gem in the Caribbean islands, this city has unmatched beauty. The vibrant hue of the pretty houses and the balconies with flower decorated all over them is a view. Coming from the sea, the colonial era alleys make the city look more beautiful and thus give Cartagena a blend of the tropical and the colonial flavor. The old town in Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Why should not it be? Colonial-era stone walls, massive Jovian Churches, the proximities of the alleys looking like a maze and leafy plazas are the reasons for the worth. For a tourist, the main wanderlust is strolling the cobblestone streets and the colonial buildings. Being the fifth largest city of Colombia, it has been an important trading point for the Spanish colonial empire with the rest of the world. Thus the city reflects the heritage of the Spanish culture. Other than the strong Spanish influence the city in some parts displays the 4000 BC Puerto Hormiga Culture. Archaeologists have found ancient ceramic objects of the Native American civilization. To know more about the history and culture visit the Palace of Inquisition, which is a museum. To experience the tropical vibes visit the white sandy beaches of the Rosario Islands and go for a snorkeling trip.