Hop On Hop Off Gothenburg Bus Tours

Gothenburg is the second most important and largest city of Sweden. The city has always been a critical Swedish gateway to the Atlantic and the North Sea due to its strategic position. Gothenburg is geographically a meander along the water body. The place is one of the most happening cities in the Scandinavian countries with a vibrant environment and always fest going on. Gothenburg displays the beautiful Neo-Classical architecture. The tram which is an integral part of the public transport system has been there for a century. The locals of Gothenburg are extremely pleasant and charming. One can find them soaking the sun beside the 17th-century canals. These canal system spread from the lush green Kunsparken to the city's boutique and the high-end Avenyn Boulevard. One can discover and explore the fine archipelago kayaking between the islands. Indulge yourself with culture and the history of the city with the numerous museums. Enjoy excellent Swedish cuisines with Viking flavor in the ample restaurants. Dishes like Fika and fish delicacies will make your day. Relish exquisite Swedish drinks with creative cocktails and well-crafted beer. Haga is the place for the bars and pubs. Visit Liseberg which is an amusement park for the family and Universum which is a rainforest zone.