More About Gozo

Gozo is one of the charming islands in the Maltese Archipelago. The island is the greener and tranquil part of the archipelago and is a heaven for changing the tempo of life with the laid back views the island offer. The second largest in the chain of the seven Islands in the Mediterranean, it is present just 95 km south to Sicily. Gozo has always been the interest of the Romans, Arabs, British, French, and Sicilians. Evidently, this place shows the mix of these cultures. Gozo is a repository of the Greco- Roman architectures. It looks spectacular to see these Neolithic ruins along the orangish red sand of the Mediterranean coast. The island offers options for adventure activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking in the rural paths. Gozo also has ideal locations for Bouldering, Rock Climbing, and Abseiling. If you want to explore the core of the island then walking around and gelling with the locals is the best option. At Gozo, you can find the ruins of Ggantija Temples, reminiscence of the ancient Greco-Roman culture and also explore other religious sites of different cultures at this island.