Gran Canaria

More About Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the amazing Canary Islands of Spain, off Northwestern Africa. In the north of the Island lies the capital city Las Palmas, which is a busy cruise ship stop because of the duty-free shopping option. The Gran Canaria constitutes about 40% population of the Canary Islands and fall in the Atlantic Ocean. The interior part of the islands is rustic and hilly. So the geography is something like this- starts with green leafy north, moving on to the rugged mountains interiors and the beautiful desert oasis in the south. Thus this island offers a unique blend of nature's element. There is the ever changing dune beach and the waves crashing them. The Vegueta Old Town is the class to watch with stone paved lanes and houses with wooden balconies as if the alleys are telling a story. While walking down the town one will come across architectural styles from the medieval to the renaissance period. Also, enjoy the outdoor cafes in the town. The Las Canters Beach is one of the best beaches in Europe, and it stretches for several kilometers. Enjoy the Golden sand with the calm water for a serene feel. Enjoy the Maspalomas Dunes and take the fun of the Camel ride and the desert there.