Hop On Hop Off Kazan Bus Tours

An ancient city in the Tatarstan region of Russia, Kazan is not very popular with tourists as the place is not entirely in Russia. The Republic of Tatarstan is an autonomous region in Russia and Kazan is the capital city.

It is also the largest city which lies north to the Volga River and joined by the Kazanka River. Founded by the Mongols (Tatars) in the late 13th century this ancient city has a rich Islamic culture. Thus one can witness massive Islamic architecture effect around the city. Ivan IV conquered Kazan in 1552. The Tatar fortress was rebuilt into the Russian Kremlin, but with Islamic architecture. Christianity with much effect came in Kazan from the 18th century, with the Cathedral of St.Peter and St.Paul dating back to that era. Although the city is not so popular, but it enjoys a high standard of living than the other cities in that region.

Kazan is one of the most sought after cities for higher education in Russia. The city has earned name is the field of sports and is a major cultural hub with enriching history.