Hop On Hop Off Leipzig Bus Tours

Leipzig is a city in eastern Germany that offers a rich cultural experience for visitors. One of the top reasons to visit Leipzig is its incredible classical music heritage. The city has produced famous composers such as J.S. Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, and Richard Wagner. Visitors can attend annual festivals and concerts that commemorate these musical geniuses. The Bach Festival, for instance, is a world-famous event that draws music lovers from all over the globe.
Leipzig is also home to numerous museums that showcase artistic riches from all eras. The Museum of Fine Arts houses wondrous paintings from the 15th to the 20th centuries, while modern galleries like Spinnerei display contemporary works from the New Leipzig School. Other must-see museums include the Naturkundemuseum, which features stuffed creatures and the quirky Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum, Europe's oldest coffee house.
One of the unique shopping experiences in Leipzig can be found in the city's beautiful covered passageways. Central Leipzig is criss-crossed by arcades like Mädler-Passage and Jägerhof-Passage. Visitors can shop in these magical arcades and take in the stunning architecture while doing so.