Hop On Hop Off Lima Bus Tours

Lima, the political and administrative hub of South America from the colonial times, is the capital of Peru, the repository of native American civilizations. To the north of the city is Caral, which is the oldest civilization of America and to the south is the archaeological region of Pachacamac. Lima saw its rise as one of the important cities of South America during the colonial era. After Cairo, Lima is the second driest capital in the world. The entire coastline of the sea is arid. Modernity arrived here with the establishment of colonialism and essential churches, monasteries, and buildings coming during that time. In spite of the development the historic center was never transformed and is now a world heritage site. Soak in the millennium old native American culture from many museums of the city. These museums display various artifacts like pottery from that era. Nightlife of the city is quite happening with the tropical theme as the forte. Don't miss out the culinary genre of the country as it is a part of the 400-year-old revolution.