San Antonio

More About San Antonio

San Antonio, in the United States, is the seventh most populous city. It has a humid subtropical climate. Long, hot and humid summers and winter nights are cold to freezing here. The beautiful historic destinations and family friendly places are must visit. The amalgamation of sounds, sights, and flavors of Old Mexico, Native America and West with the modern civilization is perfect here. This is an ideal place for kids, and they will love to visit it. The city is crowned by McNay Art Museum which is the first modern art museum in Texas. It has the collection of artworks from Renaissance and Medieval time. The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch that is home to various animals and species. The animals roam here and there freely. San Antonio Botanical garden is the perfect destination to relax and enjoy natural beauty. Mission Concepcion is the historical site of the battle. Natural bridge caverns, San Antonio market square, San Fernando Cathedral, Mission San Jose, River Walk, The Almo are some other interesting places to visit.