Hop On Hop Off Seville Bus Tours

Seville is the heart and soul of Andalusia and also the largest city in the region. The city is the gateway to Spain's history and culture. The old quarter of Seville has three UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Cathedral, Alcazar Palace Complex and the General Archive of the Indies. Seville is the hottest city in Southwestern Europe, and therefore a trip here should be planned accordingly. The city formed under The Roman Rule but was conquered by the Muslims in 712 during the Islamic Spain period. There was the short reign of the Almoravid and Almohad Muslims. The reign finally went to the Kingdom of Castile in 1248. The discovery of the Americas led to the growth of Seville as one of the essential economic centers of the Spanish Empire. This growth brought the Golden Age of Arts and literature in Seville. Ferdinand Magellan began his famous Spanish expedition in 1519 from Seville.

Seville has a well preserved 2000 year old history that displays in the personality of the place. The city reflects the cultures of the Castiles, Moors and few other groups to rule here. The Cathedral de Sevilla is the iconic medieval structure that reflects the history through its architecture. The Royal Alcazar showcases the Moorish royalty culture and also visit the Plaza de Espana, a famous landmark with ceramic architecture.