Hop On Hop Off Tallinn Bus Tours

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia whose Old Town sub-district is a delegated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hop On Hop Off provides a hassle-free travel experience to this ancient city. We cover all the top tourist's attractions in our tour package. You can stop at the most famous street in Tallinn, the 700-year-old alleyway has retained its medieval vibe through the years where you'll witness local craftsmen making unique items like glassware and ceramics. Moving forward you can see the Tallinn’s old Gothic town hall is primeval in the Baltics which has great historic relevance and beautiful interiors.

The surrounding plaza is an excellent spot to stroll around this place and it hosts many activities and markets throughout the year. Hopping back at any of the spots you can go to places like the 314 meters tall Tallinn Tower, the architectural wonder Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Kumu art museum, and more. You can stop at the Kalev Chocolate shop and workshop to taste the tempting marzipan and handmade chocolates.

Put your earphones on and listen to the interesting facts about the landmarks you visit by our multilingual audio guide onboard. Our buses are safe to travel as we follow the latest safety guidelines. Book early and grab the best offers now.