More About Toledo

Toledo, is a gem present in central Spain and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its architectures, monuments, and culture. Also known as the Imperial City and reflects Christian, Islamic and Jewish culture.

The city also served as the capital of the ancient Visigothic Kingdom. It came into reign after the fall of The Roman Empire. The city is famous for its use of bladed weapons from very old times. Now they have become fascinating souvenirs for the tourists. The Medieval Cathedrals, arched mosques, and the Jovian Synagogues are the example of the three cultures Jews, Christians, and the Muslims peaceful coexistence in Toledo.

Digging deeper, one can find ancient roots of the Visigothic and the Roman cultures in the form of art. Toledo's pride is it's art especially the breathtaking canvasses of El Greco, the painter who knew how to influence. Visit the Alcazar de Toledo, Monasterio de San Juan de Los Reyes and Santa Iglesia Cathedral to understand this book of cultures.