Hop On Hop Off in Germany

More About Germany

Once you set foot in Germany, you bet you’ll get itchy feet as the European economic powerhouse is a treasure trove for tourists. Germany is filled to the brim with lush green valleys, ice-capped mountains, sparkling rivers and rivulets, nature reserves, and spectacular cities. As the largest economy in Europe, Germany attracts over 30 million international travelers annually, making the country one of the world’s hottest tourism destinations.
Contrary to what most travelers believe, Germany is not just about living life in the fast lane in Berlin, Frankfurt or Hanover. So if you think that Germany is all about Berlin and hi-tech, fast-pace city then think again. Germany is also about book fairs, mouthwatering cuisines, Oktoberfest, eclectic cuisines, grandiose castles, cozy chalets, lively locals, engaging literature, great music, picturesque villages, and much more.
The nation is divided into 16 regions including Bavaria, Bremen, Saxony, Hamburg, and Brandenburg and every region is worth exploring. Some of the most explored natural destinations in Germany include the Bavarian Alps, Black Forest, the Ruhr, Moselle Valley, and Tyrol. The country has more than its fair share of valleys, lakes, hamlets, and castles that can leave you spellbound.
At the other end of Germany’s travel & tourism spectrum, are gorgeous and historic cities like Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich, Potsdam, Mainz, Dresden, and Kiel. A hop-on hop-off bus tour is definitely the best way to quickly introduce yourself to these cities without burning a hole in your pocket.