FAQ's For Your Hop on Hop off Athens Trip

FAQ's For Your Hop on Hop off Athens Trip

Sep 10th, 2022
FAQ's For Your Hop on Hop off Athens Trip
Athens is an historical city and is bestowed with some amazing natural beauty that is solely found in and around the city. You need to be there to experience what’s in store with this lovely city. Touring around can be tough and you might miss out the best places if you do not plan accordingly. Research is definitely required but the process gets easier to explore this city if you are choosing an Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour of the city.
There are ample attractions to keep you engaged throughout the tour. Ideally, 4 days is the minimum you need if you wish to explore the place in detail. Lets give some answers to some questions that might come to your mind when you are planning an hop on hop off Athens bus tour.
Is It Worth Booking an Hop On Hop Off Bus In Athens?
We will say it’s an ideal option and the most reasonable out there when you have limited budget and time. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in exploring the transportation options to an unknown city. Yet, you will explore the best of the best places here.
Preferably, we suggest buying a 2 day pass to get around the place. It covers three different routes and the entire tour is well-guided. You will definitely go around the most popular spots that you need to be visiting when in Athens if you book this ticket. It lets you explore Athens, its beaches, and some of the most amazing monuments across the city.
There are multiple agencies operating their tours in the city and each has its own uniqueness. Based on what you prefer and the places you would love to explore you may choose the perfect option. Blue Bus for instance is a popular operator in the city for visitors arriving at the Piraeus Cruise Terminal.
What are the best Modes of Transportation in Athens?
The best way to go around Athens is on foot and metro for local population. As a visitor you might find it confusion as it’s a new world altogether for outsiders. However, if you wish to explore the city personally in addition to hop on hop buses, you get options for taxi services, Uber, Metro, local buses, trolleybuses, etc.
Athens has a very extensive network of buses and trolleybuses that starts from 5 am to the midnight. There is a dedicated Airport Express bus service that operates around the clock.
How Many Days is Enough To Explore Athens?
4 days is good enough if you are planning a visit to Athens. You may wish to come back again and explore the city, but 4 days is ample time to see the best places of this city.
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