7 Reasons Why Should Be Visiting Malta

7 Reasons Why Should Be Visiting Malta

The Archipelago of Malta is a beauty in the central Mediterranean, present exactly between

Sicily and the coast of North Africa. The island nation has less area and counts as the tenth

smallest country globally. The archipelago is also the fifth most densely populated in the

world. Malta has a rich heritage of cultural ethnicity, with the Romans, French, British,

Moors and the Knights of St.John have been the rulers here. The Country houses numerous

forts and castles. The place is also full of Pre Historic temples and burial chambers from

4000 BC. The pleasant tropical climate and three UNESCO heritage site makes Malta a top

traveling destination globally. Few reasons why you should add a Hop On Hop Off

traveling plan to the islands of Malta are-

Rich History to explore!

Malta as a country holds accounts of more than 6000 years of history of different cultures

and ethnic groups who have ruled here. The Knights who played a very crucial role during

that era or the Romans who contributed in building the administration of the country. The

Moors who ruled there had their effect on the architecture of the country. The British and

French Shaped the country as a beautiful tourist spot, developing the beaches. Malta has

also seen the wars and ravage during Arab-Byzantine war, The French Revolutionary Wars

in 1798 and the Second World War during in the British Empire. Thus all these cumulative

effects bring out Malta as a library of History books and the islands in the archipelago as

the pages of those books.

Sunday Fish Market

The Maltese love fish and the fishermen do their job with dedication and hard work.

Therefore the Sunday mornings are time to smell the fresh fish lots in the Maltese fish

markets. Immerse in the variety of Mediterranean fishes on the catch and grab the

opportunity of tasting excellent seafood that will make your day.


Take a ferry ride to the small Island of Gozo, which is in a sense more rustic and laid back

than Malta. An ideal place for a day’s trip to visit quaint shops and cafes and excellent

picture postcard views. Exploring the Maltese culture around the island is a good way of

spending time there.

World War 2 History

Malta suffered a lot during the Second World War. It became the most bombed country in

the World with about 14,000 bombs being dropped there during WW II. Therefore there

are numerous locations showing the plight of the country at that time. There is also the

Aviation Museum and air raid shelters which brings out history od the war in depth.