Best Museums To Visit In Barcelona

Best Museums To Visit In Barcelona

Feb 19th, 2019
Best Museums To Visit In Barcelona
Barcelona, one of the prettiest cities in Spain, is the largest and the capital city of the Catalonia region and second most populous in the country. The hills and the sea make the perfect view for this city. Antoni Gaudi's dotting masterpieces all over the place adds class to it. This city formed under the Roman Empire during the medieval ages and thus, as a culturally rich city, it displays the heritage and art through the pretty Museums all over the place. Here are some of the best museums to visit in Barcelona:
Picasso Museum
Pablo Picasso, the world renowned Spanish painter and sculptor, spent most of his adult time in France. It was the young adolescent Pablo who had a special relationship with the city of Barcelona. The city played an important role in shaping up his dreams and art. The Picasso Museum is a repository of his 4251 extensive collections of art. The museum has one of the complete collections of Pablo Picasso's work. Established in 9 th March 1963, the idea of opening this museum came to Picasso's secretary and lifelong friend Jaume Sabartes. Jaume was always a fan of Picasso's work. He had thought about opening the Museum in Malaga, which is Picasso's birthplace. Picasso suggested Barcelona because of his love for the city.
Maritime Museum
Counted as one of the exciting places to visit in Barcelona, the museum displays the theme of Drassanes. Drassanes is the former Barcelona Royal Shipyard and also a former military building. This Gothic building is present in the Port of Barcelona, and the interesting fact is presently it houses the Maritime Museum. The building is a 13 th century structure and has played vital roles in the Drassanes war and building merchant ships for the Barcelonian Navy. The museum displays the relation between the Spanish Navy and the Monarchs. The artifacts of the museum also include weapons, paintings, portolans and navigation instruments. The museum is stated as a museum of national interest by the Catalonian Government.
European Museum of Modern Art
The European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) is a living museum, which displays some of the finest contemporary figurative art. The museum has given the opportunity to some of the most talented artists of this generation. MEAM is overshadowed by the Picasso Museum next to it and is present in an 18 th century palace. The Museum exhibits figurative paintings some of which are cycled but are permanent installations. Here one can see art from a very modern perspective, and the works of the artist display the depth of mind of a creative personality.
Poble Espanyol
This is an offbeat place to visit in Barcelona. A unique open air museum, this place comprises of 117 well built buildings showcasing the architecture of the Spanish Village. This area was built for the Barcelona International Exposition in 1929. The main motive was to promote Catalan architecture and samples were studied from around 600,000 sites in all over Spain. The place also has restaurants, art galleries and restaurants.
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