Guide for Dubai Trip

Guide for Dubai Trip

The largest and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is present on the

south-eastern coast of the Persian Gulf. The global Gulf city is primarily a business and

transportation hub. The primary sources of its revenue are oil, trade, and tourism. With a

rating of being the most expensive city in the Middle East, it is also quite popular as the

shopping capital and the ‘city of gold.’ The city is a part of Arabian Desert, therefore, the

climate here is sunny and humid during summers with many sandstorms whereas cool and

chilly in winters.

Things not to miss out while being in Dubai

Hop-on and hop-off the buses at the chief centers for tourist attractions which include the


ï‚· Historical Dubai museum, the center of finance, tourism, and commerce. Witness the

world’s tallest and stunning building Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, one of its kind

and iconic landmarks in Dubai.

ï‚· Visit the Gold Souq to shop for gold jewelry with overflowing varieties and designs.

 Kids will love to visit the IMG world of adventure that is a kid’s attraction and theme

park with multiple dining.

ï‚· Dine in one of the famous restaurants in Dubai and relish on some famous Arabic

cuisines. You can also find a delicious variety with delighting South Asian, Chinese,

continental cuisines and fast food.

Key Places you must be visiting at Dubai

Tourism makes an essential part of Dubai. A significant number of tourists visit the city

every year making it the fourth most-visited city in the world. The reasons for which

people have such a magnetic effect for the town are its beautiful beaches, adventurous

desert, world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. Some must visit places of Dubai


ï‚· The UNESCO World Heritage Site Dubai Creek and Dubai Creek Park associated with


ï‚· Some of the famous beaches in Dubai you must not skip visiting are Kite Beach,

Black Palace Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Umm Suqeim Beach, and Royal Island

Beach Club.

ï‚· Dubai showcases some of the best fun activities that you should not miss that

include a ride on the cable car, Dolphinarium, camel ride, exotic birds show, and old

style horse carriage.

ï‚· The architectural marvel of Dubai is evident with the famous Burj Khalifa, another

masterpiece in Dubai is the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah.

 Dubai Miracle Garden is the next place on the list that you must visit. It is the world’s

largest flower garden.

Tips & Essentials for the Tour

The cosmopolitan city located in UAE is famous for its luxury spas, romantic Arabian sands,

shopping malls, and beaches. With the desert type climate, Dubai can face extremes of

temperatures like it is severely hot in summers and bitterly cold during winters. You’re

your bags according to the season in which you are visiting. It is a place where ancient

sands meet modern luxuries.


Dubai is a modern and fashionable city, and it allows all the cultures to mingle together

forming a harmonious blend. The locals wear abaya as a part of their culture, but you can

freely carry some fashionable and comfortable dresses with you like:

ï‚· Denim Jacket

ï‚· Cold shoulder tops/ sleeveless tops

ï‚· Cozy sweatshirt (as it may get cold during the night)

ï‚· Jeans

ï‚· Striped dress

ï‚· Swimsuits (for beaches)

ï‚· Pashmina/scarf (during winters)


While out on tour footwear makes an essential part of your carry along bag packs. It is

necessary to carry the shoes wisely, or you will cut short the fun and enjoyment you are

about to dive in during your Hop-on-hop-off Dubai bus tour!

ï‚· Sandals

ï‚· Flip-flops

ï‚· Sneakers

ï‚· Heels/Wedges

ï‚· Boots (during winters)


Dubai has a fantastic nightlife with nightclubs and bars. Even many shops and malls remain

open 24/7 for tourists, yet you must not forget carrying some traveling essentials with you

to avoid last moment rush during the Dubai night bus tour.

ï‚· Lightweight Camera

ï‚· Battery backups, chargers, and essential cords

ï‚· Cosmetics including body lotion, lip balm, lip color, sunscreen (for weather


ï‚· Toiletries like body soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste

ï‚· Hats, Sunglasses (for beaches)

ï‚· Traveling passport

ï‚· Water Bottles

You nearly finish your packing with this and are now ready to set out for a hop-on-hop-off

bus Dubai tour!

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