Guide for Hop-on-Hop-off trip to New York City

The city of New York is not only the financial capital of the US but also a home to millions.

About 8 million inhabitants are presently dwelling in the dream city of America. The

beautiful landmarks and fantastic tourist attractions draw over 50 to 60 million visitors

every year. The Gotham city receives a significant number of tourists due to the carnal and

cultural experiences it offers.

Now, before leaving for the tour, you need to pack your bags and take your belongings

along with you so that you can enjoy a hassle-free journey. But make sure you do not carry

the load of bags and additional luggage with you. Pack sensibly so that you do not become

beast of burden and can roam about freely!

Things Not to Miss Out When in NYC

Who will not like to visit Times Square, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty,

Madison Square Garden, the Central Park, Chinatown and other such renowned

monuments and buildings?

1. You may be amazed while visiting ‘Crossroads’ bright and illuminated hub of

Broadway Theatre District, the world’s busiest pedestrian intersection.

2. Pay a visit to the five boroughs which collectively make the city of New York viz.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.

3. Fill your shopping bags at Madison and Fifth Avenue to take a souvenir of your NYC


4. If you visit the city during festivities here are some special celebrations that you

shouldn’t miss:

 Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village

 MACY’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

 Tribeca Film Festival

Key Places You Should Be Visiting

The irresistible city of New York offers a plenty of places for you to explore! The chief

tourist attractions that worth a visit if you are in the Funcity are:

 The Metropolitan Museum of Arts: It is a place surely for the art lovers. You will be

left mesmerized with the collection of artistic works.

 One World Observatory, top of the world observation deck, and Grand Central

terminal are few of the renowned places that draw attention of the travellers.

 Radio City and Music hall for the admirers of Music.

 9/11 Memorial & Museum built as a tribute in the memory of soldiers killed in the

unfortunate terrorist attack.

Tips for Specific Seasons

Your baggage must contain the utilities apt for the season you are visiting. It should also

balance fashion and function. While you are planning a visit during January or February,

beware! You are about to experience bitter cold, frost, snow and of course, bone-chilling

winds that channel towards midtown. But there are lots of exciting reasons to visit the city

during winters.

Watching the city covered under the snow sheet, the tranquility at Poet’s walk in the Park,

ice skating at Rockefeller Center, and a leisurely walk along the Brooklyn Bridge spanning

the East river etc. are a few of the many reasons you will like to stopover at Big Apple

during chilly days. Hinge on to warm clothes, jackets, sweaters, pullovers, mufflers and

boots and hop-on-hop-off all across the New York City!

Clothing - Fashion & Comfort

For a visit during spring, summers or autumn, do pack some of the comfy clothing and

footwear. Although you are on a Hop-on-hop-off Bus Tour NYC yet and you don’t need to

walk long distances from one destination to other still there are lots of places like parks,

museums and other renowned monuments that you will love to explore on foot, so dress

up comfortably!

You will probably find people in New York wearing black, blacker and mostly black! It is

because the crowd in the city is fond of this color. Think of the dark hues like navy, grey or

black especially when you are going to Manhattan. Hop-on the bus and tour around the

New York City soaking up the sights, sound, and smell. Be careful of the pickpockets while

you Hop–off the bus and walk down along a crowded street of the Fun City.


The fashion freaks need not get disappointed. You are in the city that never sleeps! You can

carry your fancy wears and high heels for nightlife. Do not leave them at home or you will

miss them in NYC. Get your pairs of best party clothes and feel good while you go to some

nightclub to enjoy your evening. Your favorite clothes will build up the confidence in you,

and you will walk like you rule the world!

Miscellaneous – Other Basics

A trip is incomplete without clicking a few snaps of the places you are visiting. It makes a

part of your memories and refreshes you while you watch the pictures later. Some of the

essentials that make up your travelling essentials include:

 Travelling passport

 Mandatory documents for your identification

 Lightweight Camera to shoot videos and capture pictures

 Toiletries like body soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, deodorant etc.

 Cosmetics (for women) like sunscreen, body lotion (especially during winters as

your skin can really get dry), few lip colors, lip balm etc.

 Shaving Kit (for men)

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