Best London Bus Tours For Education 2024

Best London Bus Tours For Education 2024

Feb 24th, 2024
Best London Bus Tours For Education 2024

If you're eager to discover the wonders of London while having a great time learning, we have a variety of the best London bus tours for education.

London is a huge city; it’s not just about Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, but it is also a treasure trove of learning and visiting different places.

Our Hop On Hop Off London bus tours offer a unique way to learn about the history of London alongside the modern cultures.

Check out our top selection of London bus tours for educational purposes:

The Best London Bus Tours For Education

If you are ready for a fun and educational adventure, hop on board with one of our top five London bus tour picks for learning:


1.  TooTBus: Must-See London Hop-On, Hop-Off with River Cruise


 Toot Bus London Bus Tours


Enjoy a bus ride with TooTBus which also includes must-see London Hop On, Hop Off with River Cruise. You can choose where to go and when to stop at famous places and explore the place at your own time using our special buses for knowing more about London. 

These buses start from the middle of London and take you to cool spots like Tower Bridge, the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and many more exciting places! 

Take a boat ride on the world-famous Thames River that is included in this trip. Take a break and see the iconic Westminster bridge. Also go on a cruise along the Thames to Tower Pier, and then get back on the bus at the Tower of London.  

Do not forget to explore Hyde Park, Notting Hill, and the Portobello Road Market on this tour. 

This educational bus tour is a great option to experience the city and learn more about London. 


2.  City Sightseeing: London Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour



Aboard on one of the most educational bus tours in London. This tour offers a knowledgeable exploration of this incredible city. 

With a single or multi-day pass, you get to choose when you want to hop on the bus to begin your sightseeing journey or hop off to explore a particular place at your own pace. 

Do not miss the Thames River Cruise and the self-guided walking tours that are included in your ticket!

Explore some of the iconic routes to learn more about London: 

  •  The Red Official Route showcasing key sights and landmarks of London.
  •  The Blue Route that takes you to visit the stunning architecture.
  •  The Green Shuttle Route connecting you to the British Museum.

3.  Golden Tours: London Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

This Golden Tours journey is extremely educational. Enjoy a delightful River Thames boat ride and intriguing walking tours in the vibrant streets of London. 

Visit some of the renowned landmarks like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, London Eye, and more. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the rich history of the Tower of London, a building that has served various purposes over its 900-year existence, from a royal palace to a prison, arsenal, zoo, and jewel house.

The bus tour offers multiple routes:

  • Blue Route
  • Red Route
  • Orange Route
  • Yellow Route
  • Green Route

This route effortlessly navigates the city, with an audio guide providing interesting facts and information about London's hidden gems. 

This educational London bus tour continues with free walking tours, including the Ripper Walking Tour, where you can step back in time to the locations of Jack the Ripper murders, and the Coronation Walking Tour, providing insights into royal sites and fascinating facts about past and present coronations.


 4.    London City Tour: Hop-On, Hop-Off with River Cruise & Walking Tours


Step onto another fascinating London bus tour and unlock the freedom to explore London at your own pace. 

This tour offers a stress-free way to see top sights like Big Ben, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace. Enjoy the panoramic views from our double-decker open-top sightseeing bus.

Explore London's iconic routes with the famous routes including

  • Red Official Route highlighting attractions like the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, and the London Eye.
  • The Blue Route invites you to admire breathtaking architecture,
  • The Green Shuttle Route is perfect for those visiting the British Museum or staying in Bloomsbury.

Dive into history with the Royal London Walking Tour. Embark on a delightful journey through Covent Garden, indulge in culinary delights at Borough Market, explore the vibrant Southbank, and venture through the fashionable Notting Hill area.


5.    Big Bus Tours: London Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour


Big Bus Tours stands as the highest-rated hop on, hop off bus operator in London and is extremely educational. 

This tour offers 24-48 hour ticket options. The tickets grant unlimited travel on three comprehensive routes, covering major attractions and landmarks. Every ticket also includes a Thames River cruise, providing a unique perspective on London. The three bus routes includes

  •  Red route
  • Blue route
  • Green route

These tour routes cover various parts of London, showcasing landmarks and attractions. The Panoramic Evening Tour offers a unique perspective on illuminated monuments, while the Thames River cruise provides a mesmerising view of the city. 

There is also a Walking tour. This tour includes the Changing of the Guard Walking Tour, City of London Past to Present Walking Tour, and the chilling Jack the Ripper Walking Tour.

These guided walks offer insights into London's rich history and iconic traditions, which is what makes them our top selection for people looking for educational bus tours in London.

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