The Best Way to Explore London-Thames River Cruise

The Best Way to Explore London-Thames River Cruise

Nov 18th, 2022
The Best Way to Explore London-Thames River Cruise
One of the wonderful ways to see the city is by cruising down the river. Witnessing the world from the water is a great pleasure. London, the capital city is undoubtedly the best place to travel and the biggest nature gift to this city is the Thames River.
There are several ways to discover the best of London such as walking, bike, tube, and bus. Thames River cruise offers the best views of the city and if you want to experience to know the beauty then cruise down the Thames to Greenwich.
Thames River Cruise Itinerary
Westminster Pier
The journey starts from Westminster pier and many cruises begin from this place. You can reach the pier from Westminster underground station easily. It is down from the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. So you can stroll around and hop aboard. You can witness the old London Assembly building and the London Eye. These are popular landmarks of London that you see as you hop on the cruise. Get ready to sail and see more in London.
Tower Bridge
On-board commentary allows you to know several secrets of London. On way downstream, you can listen to the commentary and see attractions. Keep your eyes on the shoreline and you will pass by many popular landmarks. You can witness South Bank Center and the National Theatre. Nearby are the OXO tower and remains of the London Bridge. These are one of the popular bridges that you pass by on your excursion.
On the right witness, the Tata Modern art gallery, and on the left you can see St. Paul’s Cathedral while heading to the Millennium Bridge. A right turn takes you to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Continue the journey to see the skyline of London city. The Shard is amazing and this masterpiece looks like hand-shaking the sky.
HMS Belfast is on the right side and then passes under Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Wave at the people standing on the Tower Bridge and look at the scenic beauty all around. It is one of the popular landmarks in London.
The next part takes you through residential places along the River Thames. You can see fascinating views of the docklands. The last destination is nearby and you can witness the Greenwich observatory on the far-sighted hill. Once at Greenwich pier you have the Cutty Sark ship to witness the park and observatory. The town has amazing stalls where you can spend quality time while exploring. Then get onboard the boat and begin the trip again. Keep your eyes active to see the places you missed previously on your way.
Thames River Cruise is undoubtedly the best way to discover the best of London city. There are ranges of options to explore. Never miss an opportunity to travel around London with the Thames River Cruise. This is one of the best ways to see the city from a different perspective.
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