New York Fun Facts

New York Fun Facts

Feb 20th, 2019
New York Fun Facts
The big American dream lives right in the financial capital of The United States, New York. Who does not want a piece of the Big Apple? Probably that is the reason the city is one of the most populated in the world. Apart from the fact that the city never sleeps, New York is an amalgamation of various cultures from different corners of the globe. The cultural differences never cause any obstruction in the harmonious life people maintains with each other. Here are some fun facts about New York which will provide better insights into the vibrant life of the city:
The Capital City?
New York is the most sought after place in the States, with great opportunities for everyone. So, generally, people traveling to the States for the first time take New York as the capital, which is not true. Washington DC is the capital, but New York holds the position of being the first capital of The States. In 1789, the year when the new constitutional government was formed, New York was declared as the first capital of The United States Of America.
The most Populated!
New York is the most populous city of The States with more than 8 million humans inhabiting the place. This brings an estimated figure that one out of every thirty eight people in the USA resides in New York.
Linguistic Diversification
The massive population of the city is enormously diversified culturally and ethnically. This variation has resulted in over eight hundred languages spoken at the city at the same time. This brings an estimation that Four out of Ten households in the city speaks a different language other than English.
Statue of Liberty is Not American Made!
The Roman Liberty Goddess standing tall in the New York Harbor was a gift from the People of France to the Americans, congratulating them on the hundredth year of Independence. The Statue of Liberty is a neoclassical sculpture. It was shipped as Three hundred and Fifty disintegrated pieces. It took four months to assemble at Ellis Island.
Rich in Gold Storage!
The Federal Reserve bank of New York has the largest amount of gold storage globally. The Bank has more than $400 billion as gold reserves kept very securely eighty feet below the street level and fifty feet below sea level. The vault weighs about 7000 tonnes, and central banks of thirty six countries own ninety eight percent of the gold in it. The rest is owned by the USA and global organizations like IMF.
Home to the United Nations!
The headquarters of the UN was established in New York after the Second World War in 1952. This headquarter holds the seats of General Assembly and Security Council.
New York loves books!
The city has more than fifty million books and other related items stored in the New York Public Library. It comes second to the Library of Congress in the country as a library system and is the third largest globally.
Depth in Ethnicity!
New York boasts rich ethnicity and cultural environment. The opportunities of the city have drawn people from various parts of the world, and New York has always embraced them with an open heart. The Chinese, one of the most hardworking races in the world, has proved their mettle here in the city. They have made the best use of the place in all the sectors. Thus, the Chinese population is so high that it is second after to any city in Asia. Same goes for the Jewish people. Another brilliant sect of People proving themselves in New York and has the second hisgehst population in the World after Israel in the city.
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