Top 5 Best Sightseeing Spot In New York

Top 5 Best Sightseeing Spot In New York

Feb 20th, 2019
Top 5 Best Sightseeing Spot In New York
Everyone wants to take a bite of New York, The Big Apple. A global land of opportunity, this city is the largest in The USA and one of the most populous. The populations of New York displays an ideal blend of global ethnicity with people coming here form all the corners of the World. New York is the global Financial and Commercial hub and effects the lives of many worldwide. A common notion is that the city never sleeps, but not everyone in New York is there for work. Many visit the place to explore and travel World's most sought after city. New York is vibrant and a whirlwind of colors, so here are few best sightseeing spots in the city for you to Hop On Hop Off the tour bus.
Central Park
When someone visits Manhattan, the busiest borough of New York, they are astonished by how busy can a place be. Tall Skylines and working people buzzing the streets is what seems like Manhattan, but there is more. Surrounded by the bustling avenues of Manhattan, Central Park is the most visited Urban Park in The USA. Popularly seen in movies, the Central Park is only the fifth largest park in the city but the most visited. The park sprawls over an area of 843 acres and founded in 1857. As a tourist, if you are tired of seeing the busy, chaotic side of the city, Central Park is a good option for experiencing the liveliness of New York.
This park itself is a repository of amusing artifacts. There are the Belvedere Castle and the strawberry fields. Also, there is the Central Park Zoo which is quite amazing. There is more! The park has a peaceful Lake. Walking, cycling, skating and carriage rides are popular activities here.
Statue Of Liberty
Trademark of New York City. Whether you are arriving by the waterway or by air, the sight of the Statue of Liberty is an indication that the "Big Apple" is here. This statue was a gift from France to the people of America for completing their hundredth year of Independence. It is one of the biggest sculptures in the world and is undoubtedly an American Icon. The Battery park offers a good view of the statue, but if you want to enjoy, then a ferry ride to Liberty Island is the better option.
The Broadway
Welcome to the heart and soul of New York! The always glittering theater district with the Broadway shows and the pulsating lights of the hanging digital billboards. This place is in the busy Times Square of the Manhattan Borough. Attending a Broadway theater is the most exciting things to do in New York. Whether you watch a long running classic or a new show, it is always fun here. For watching the popular shows, a ticket should be booked in advance.
Grand Central Terminal
The Grand Central Terminal has been the lifeline of New York City from the 19 th century. The terminal has been there in the city since the inception of rail traveling in the American society. The GCT is not only a transportation hub but a happening hangout place for the people with thirty five food joints, sixty shops, and the beautiful clock. So, for friends and family, it is a general notion to meet at the clock and hang out in the cathedral like building. It is present in the Park Avenue and 42 nd street in Midtown Manhattan.
Fifth Avenue
The most expensive street in the world, Fifth Avenue is a buzzing stretch from Washington Park to Harlem. The road boasts of designer showrooms like Cartier and Tiffany. It also hosts the famous Apple store. The Fifth Avenue is not only for shoppers, but non-shoppers can also enjoy the street just by walking towards the south end of the Central Park.
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